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Lucas Caine Series Book 2: A Murder in Concord

Lucas Caine Series Book 2: A Murder in Concord

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Lucas Caine Series Book 2

Grand Strand Publishing

Categories: Amateur Sleuth Mystery/Thriller



In the opulent landscape of Metropolitan Charlotte, where power and wealth entwine, the Mahoney family stood as an epitome of success. Their chain of popular restaurants, a symbol of their affluence and influence, made them the envy of Concord. But beneath the surface of their picture-perfect existence lurked dark secrets.

The tranquility of their world is shattered one cold morning when Trent Mahoney, the family patriarch, is found lifeless in the highly secure Mahoney's, Inc. parking lot. The town gasps, and the police are baffled - a man with seemingly no enemies, slain without a trace. The spotlight turns to Lucas Caine, Trent's loyal assistant, the last person to see him alive. As suspicion tightens its grip around him, Lucas sets out on a relentless quest for the truth.

"A Murder in Concord" takes you on a heart-pounding ride through the intricate web of the Mahoney dynasty. Lucas delves into the shadows, unearthing buried scandals and long-buried grudges. Loyalties are tested as Lucas races against time to clear his name and unveil the sinister truths hidden behind the façade of the Mahoney family.

In this gripping tale of deception, betrayal, and unyielding determination, the line between friend and foe blurs, leaving Lucas Caine in a race to clear his name, where every revelation could be his last. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


"This would make a great movie or television miniseries. The characters are unbelievably realistic, the plot is as close to original as a murder mystery can be, the climax is excellent" - Amazon Review

"This book grabbed me from the first few pages and it very much held my interest throughout. The ending was quite a surprise.- Amazon Review

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