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Myrtle Beach Mysteries Book 6: Death on the Back Nine

Myrtle Beach Mysteries Book 6: Death on the Back Nine

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A Myrtle Beach Mystery: Book 6

Release Date: April  23, 2024

Franklin/Kerr Press

Categories: Cozy Mystery, Southern Fiction, Amateur Sleuth


Golf, intrigue, and dark secrets collide in "Death on the Back Nine", the gripping sixth installment of the award-winning Myrtle Beach Mystery Series, set against the backdrop of the prestigious Swaying Palms Golf Course.

Clark Thomas, a bookstore owner haunted by his wife's unsolved murder, returns and is joined by his brother for a round of golf. A leisurely game takes a dark turn when a player ahead of them is murdered on the 11th hole, thrusting Clark and Detective Moody into a baffling investigation filled with secrets and grudges.

As they delve deeper, they uncover motives that cast suspicion on the victim's companions, but piecing together how any of them committed the crime proves formidable.

When Clark's quest for answers about his wife's death becomes intertwined with the current mystery, it leads to a shocking revelation that pushes Clark closer to resolving his wife's death.

Amidst lush greens and Southern charm, Clark grapples with figuring out who he can and can't trust in his quest for answers about Autumn's death. The book weaves family ties, hidden secrets, and the pursuit of truth into a spellbinding tale.

If you're a fan of cozy mysteries in the enchanting American South, this is a must-read. Join Clark as he unravels a web of deception with an ending that will leave you hungry for more.

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